Dental Clinic Video

Online videos are a powerful tool to recruit your dental prospects. Being able to see and hear a dentist before visiting them in person will give more credibility than simply reading about them online. Not all videos are created equal. Just as with your marketing, your own videos and those of your patients have to reflect the values of the patients you want to attract. If you’re looking for financially upscale patients, the quality of all your videos needs to be high.

Testimonial Videos

Videos engage both sight and hearing. And being able to see and hear a person giving a testimonial provides considerably more credibility than simply reading what an unknown person has written. A shaky video of a patient testimonial immediately following treatment will not cut it. Those videos are often poor quality and downright awkward—2 things you don’t want associated with your dental practice. myDentalWebsite provides you with a HD video quality and state of the art equipment and personal to create your dental video online.

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