Dental Marketing: Online vs Print?

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The biggest challenge you face when starting your dental marketing is if you want to market online or in print. Today, printed magazines and newspapers are dying. But flyers and postcards can be very effective. Online marketing takes some time and effort but if done correctly it can be the most effective way to do marketing. So which one do you chose for your dental marketing needs? Here are some pros and cons for both styles of marketing.

Benefits of Online Dental Marketing:


Right of the bat you know that doing dental marketing online is a lot less expensive than doing it in a print. myDentalWebsite builds responsive website for little as $75 a month (Learn More). A printed ad in a magazine can cost as much as $500 to $20,000 a month depending on the page and size of the ad.


Not only is online marketing less expensive but it will also reach more people. If you do an ad in a magazine or mail out flyers and postcard, it will only reach a certain about of people. Promoting your dental clinic online (website, SEO, social media, online ads, etc.) you will be able to reach thousands of people for fraction of the print cost.


Building a relationship with your patients is important. By you doing online dental marketing you can use your website, email, and even social media to build relationships. For example, you can answer question on social media to your patients which will start build a personal relationship with that patient and also build a good reputation with potential patients visiting your page.

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Cons of Online Dental Marketing:


Online dental marketing isn’t easy. May dentist try to do their online marketing by themselves and fail cause of how much time and effort it takes to be successful. There is a lot of competition out there, so before you think about jumping in and creating your own website and social media by yourself, look into companies with experience in online dental marketing.


One of the greatest drawbacks to online marketing is competition. It can be extremely hard to make your dental clinic stand out against other dental clinics on the internet.


Since online marketing is all over the place, there is no chance to get for potential patients to tell if the your dental clinic is better than others. It can require some time for your dental clinic online to pick up the trust of potential patients.

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Benefits of Print Dental Marketing:

Targeted Audience:

Even though online marketing will help you reach more people for less cost, sending flyers and postcards to people that are close to your dental clinic can be really effective. Post cards are personal and getting them in the mail can get people into your clinic. Also sending out flyers with promotional offers can work well.


Having an ad for your clinic in a local magazine or newspaper can help boost your clinic’s brand quickly. By doing this, it will give your clinic a certain professional cachet.

Cons of Print Dental Marketing:


Like I said earlier, magazines and newspapers are dying. With technology growing at the pace it is, magazines and newspapers might soon be extinct.


Cost for any print marketing is going to be high. To reach 100-200 potential patients you might spend anywhere from 5-10 times more than online.

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Even thought online dental marketing seems to be better than print marketing there are situations when using both can be very effective. There is no doubt that you should have a website, social media, and online ads for your dental clinic. But sending out personal postcards to patients and potential patients can really drive in more people to your clinic.

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